80/20 Principle

80/20 Principle - Richard Koch I've always disliked books about business in general, partly because most of those books only talks about things that everyone knows like:

-Hard work
-Set goals
-Use time wisely
-Set priorities
-etc.,etc., and etc.

Please, these are all just mumbo-jumbos, and anyone that think this kind of book is great certainly never experienced the real world of business and marketplace.

Oh, I haven't. I'm still in college trying to get my bachelor degree, but even right now, easy, one sided answer never satisfy me. The surface of the water might be calm, but you just don't know whether it contains a goldfish or a crocodile.

If hard work generate wealth, than don't you think the farmers ought to be the wealthiest people on earth?

Well no, they don't. And that's why the Pareto Principle a.k.a the 80/20 Principle really makes sense.

I don't want to spoil the book. Suffice to say that this book talks about focusing our time, energy and money to that which are most important for our happiness in life.