The God Delusion

The God Delusion - Richard Dawkins Novelist Randy Ingermanson and Peter Economy wrote in Writing Fiction For Dummies:

"Nobody ever bought a novel because they wanted to change their economic theories, switch political parties, or convert to a new religion. Nobody"

I think this is actually true, not only to novels, but to all books in general. We might read a book that we already know disagrees with our view on the topic, but none of us ever read something to change our mind.

That is, except a few crazy people that are extremely curious.

One Christian pastor once said to me that atheists were formed because those who are theists are "not a good" theists.

Hitler and Stalin might be atheists, but they did not murder people in the name of atheism, unlike the Crusade in which it was clear that both sides of the war killed in the name of (respectively) their God.

It was based on this two premises that I finally decided that no matter how wrong atheism may be, it deserves to be heard, for those who are atheists were born because of bad-- or evil if you would-- theists.

This book is not a "rant". It is a thoughtful case written in a friendly tone, not to eradicate the existence of religion, but to point out many of religion's destructive causes that people who identify themselves as theists should consider before snuffing out someone's life.

Some part about science, like quantum mechanic, atoms and microorganisms are a bit hard to digest, but they were there because Dawkins wanted to show how wonderful science is, and in my view, it is remarkable.

I enjoyed reading this book as I enjoyed reading [a:Malcolm Gladwell|1439|Malcolm Gladwell|]'s books. My only complaint is that the last chapter on the topic of science as inspiration ends all to abruptly. It's just not a fulfilling climax like [b:Outliers: The Story of Success|3228917|Outliers The Story of Success|Malcolm Gladwell||3364437].